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Men’s barefoot shoes

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Our Happy Clients!

Very comfortable

I’ve got to express my absolute admiration for these shoes – they’ve blown me away in so many ways! Let’s talk about their prowess as lifting shoes – they’re nothing short of fantastic. The grip they offer, both on the sole and toes, is unparalleled. Whether I’m squatting, deadlifting, or doing any other lifting routine, these shoes provide the stability and traction I need for a solid workout.

L. Ficks

Black Friday deal

Snagged these shoes on a Black Friday deal because I love going barefoot! They’re surprisingly affordable and let my toes spread comfortably. The roomy toe box feels like freedom for my feet. Despite the low price, they’re holding up well, making them a budget-friendly win. Super versatile too—whether I’m hitting the city streets or nature trails, they’ve got my back (or should I say, my feet)! Overall, a happy and comfy find! 🌟👣



Got these shoes a few weeks back, and guess what? Turns out my feet aren’t as wide as I thought! But no worries—these kicks are still crazy comfy. The way they hug my feet is next level, and the cushioning feels like a dream. I’ve been rocking them everywhere, and they’ve held up like champs. Seriously, they’re a surprise win for comfort, durability, and style. Totally my go-to now!


Very comfortable for playing pickleball!

I’ve gone through a bunch of tennis and sports shoes for my pickleball games over the past year, and guess what? I’ve finally stumbled upon the perfect fit for my wide feet! These shoes have been my go-to for indoor play, and let me tell you, they’re unbelievably stable and comfortable. The kind of comfort that makes every game a joy. What’s even better? The color options are fantastic! Not only do they perform like a dream, but they also look good on the court. 🎾

Sara S.

Had these for 7 months,
love them!

Absolutely loving these shoes! The wide toe box and flexibility are spot-on – perfect for my runs, hikes, and even disc golf sessions in the woods of Flagstaff. It’s a revelation; I never knew how cramped my feet were in other shoes until I slipped into these. Considering all the walking and trails, the bottoms haven’t worn much at all. If you’re on the lookout for a versatile pair that handles almost everything, these are the ones to go for! 👟


Size: 10.5-11 Color: A_rose Red/Knit

The design of my shoes is genuinely appealing. The material appears to be of high quality, and I particularly appreciate the easy slip-on feature with the elastic toggle closure. What sets it apart is the thoughtful addition of a velcro anchor, ensuring that the leftover elastic doesn’t dangle or bounce around – a small but significant detail. I usually wear size 10-10.5 shoes, leaning towards size 11 for the extra width. These shoes are designed for size 10.5-11, and though size 10 is available, I went with 10.5-11, and they fit perfectly.

Precise Dis

Your feet will thank you

Discover the pure joy of walking in Joomra shoes! Our handpicked collection is a harmonious blend of style and comfort that’s bound to put a smile on your face. Whether you’re sprinting through the day in Men’s Running Shoes, relishing the freedom of Women’s Barefoot Shoes, or taking a leisurely stroll in Unisex Cloud Sliders, each pair is meticulously crafted to make your feet dance with delight.

But that’s not all. Joomra has your back for all kinds of adventures and moods. Dive headfirst into beach fun with Men’s Water Shoes, allowing you to splash around with style and confidence. Then, when it’s time to wind down, slip into the warmth and coziness of Women’s Warm Slippers for those serene and snug evenings.

At Joomra, we’re all about innovation, quality, and the boundless joy that comes with every pair of our shoes. We extend a warm invitation to you to join us on this exciting journey. It’s a journey where every step is a friendlier, comfier one, and where your feet experience a world of comfort and style. So step right in, and let’s make every step an adventure worth remembering!

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